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Australian Residency By Investment Best Option The following are means by which you can gain residency in Australia: 1.Business Visa Australia This involves individuals who have been nominated by a state, territory government, or Australian agency. In addition, such individuals have an invitation to apply. The invitation is issued by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. For instance, Visa has a validity of four years and three months. Furthermore, It allows the applicant to travel to and from Australia. 2. Business Investor Stream Basically, this program is designed for individuals who can invest a minimum of AUD 1.5 million into a business in Australia to qualify for Australian residency by investment program. Similarly, The individual has to meet the following requirements to qualify for the program, be under the age of 55, must have been nominated by the relevant agency on behalf of the Australian government. Scored at least 65 points, managed eligible investments of at least AUD 1.5 million, or a qualifying business with at least 10% ownership interest. Successful record of eligible investment or qualifying business activity. 3. Australia Business Innovation Stream (sub-class 188) Although, The business innovation stream program involves individuals who have various business skills and also wish to develop and grow and manage a new business in Australia. Such individuals must be nominated by a territory government on behalf of the Australian government. Moreover, The applicant has not been less than 55 years of age. Such an investor must also have a minimum net worth of AUD 800,000, make a minimum investment of AUD 150,000, and have functional English. Also, such an individual needs an invitation to apply for the visa. Significant Investor Stream (sub-class 188) In short, The eligibility for this visa includes high net worth, a minimum Investment of AUD 5 Million, and the individual must be less than of age 55. In addition, The visa validity time is 4 years with language requirements including IELTS CLB 5 minimum. Furthermore, the investor must have business experience of more than 5 years Benefits Firstly, With this visa, one can establish a new or develop an existing business, or invest in Australia Secondly, no travel restrictions for in and out of Australia Thirdly, Bring eligible family members with you to Australia Moreover, Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship Above all, The opportunity to apply for permanent residence through the business innovation and investment (permanent) visa (subclass 888)

Australian Business immigration

With a beautiful natural ecosystem, mild climate, backed by a strong economy, and similarly, the most efficient healthcare system, Australia is the choice of migration. Comparatively, It is an ideal destination for entrepreneurs with an ever-growing economy and therefore people migrate there for a better future. Australian Residency By Investment is the best choice for investors.

Basic Business Immigration Process

  • Start by submitting an expression of interest (EOI) in Skill Select.
  • The applicant must be nominated by state or territory.
  • Invited to apply for the visa


Australian Residency By Investment – Firstly, Australia offers various residency by investment programs. Individuals select which best suits them in terms of age and financial status. Moreover, Some of the Australian residency by investment programs includes:

  • Business Innovation and Investor Visa (Provisional)
  • Business Innovation Stream
  • Investor Stream
  • Retirement Investor Visa

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