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However, The United States has two different types of visa for their residency permit program. They include the E-2 Visa and the “EB-5 Investor Visa“. Similarly, The EB-5 Investor visa is meant for individuals who wish to invest in government approved projects in the United States. Basically, The E-2 visa on the other hand is only available to citizens of certain selected countries. In this article, we would focus on the EB-5 visa. In addition, The EB-5 visa is open to individuals from various countries around the world who wish to invest in the USA. Such investment must be within various government-approved projects. The EB-5 visa offers permanent residency to individuals who hold it. Moreover, The residency permits give individuals who possess them access to live, work reside in the United States, it also gives the holders the benefits of studying and retiring in the United States. Similarly, Holders of the EB-5 also receive back the investment upon completion of the investment program. The EB-5 also extends residency permits to the spouse and kids of the investor

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USA E2 Investor Visa

E2 Investor Visa was introduced for foreign investors to get a visa that will allow them to live and work in USA along with their immediate family. The investors must need to establish a commercial enterprise to make a living for their family being a resident of USA. The main applicant will make a substantial investment in an actively existing commercial price to be eligible for the E2 visa program.

Eligibility Requirements for E2 Investor Visa

  • It is a must for an E2 Visa applicant to be a national country that has a navigation & commerce treaty with the USA.
  • Another requirement is that the applicant must be able to make a substantial investment in a US-based enterprise.
  • The applicant has directed or developed the investment enterprise or has a 50% of the ownership of the existing enterprise in the USA.
    The applicant must have a high net worth and have ability to own or manage an established business.


1. Investors can establish a proposed business in USA

2. Spouse of Investor can get a temporary work permit

3. Children under the age of 21 can attend schools with an E-2 dependent visa

4. Investment amount is comparatively economical with additional benefits

5. Issuance of visa within a year

6. Investors are eligible to get a visa extension

7. Access to the world’s best education & healthcare system

8. E-2 Visa is leading to Green Card in long term

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