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New Zealand Skilled Shortage Immigration !

If you meet the skill requirements on these lists then INZ will accept that no New Zealanders are available for the position(s).

The focus of the lists is to identify skilled occupations  where there is a genuine shortage of New Zealand workers. The lists are not  designed for lower-skilled or seasonal labour shortages, or to cover shortages caused by recruitment and retention problems.

Long Term Skill Shortage List

The Long-term Skill Shortage List (sometimes referred to as (LTSSL) identifies occupations where there is a sustained and on-going shortage  of  highly skilled workers both globally and throughout New Zealand. If you gain employment in one of these occupations, you may be granted a work visa under the  Work  to Residence category. 

After two years, Work to Residence visa holders are  eligible to apply for residence, provided they meet standard requirements and  work in an occupation on the Long-term List that has a base salary of at least  NZ$45,000.

If you are applying for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category and you have an offer of employment, work experience, or qualifications in an area of work on the  Long-term List, you may gain bonus points towards your application for residence.

Immediate Skill Shortage List

The Immediate Skill-shortage List (sometimes referred to as (ISSL) includes occupations where skilled workers are immediately required in New  Zealand. It facilitates the approval of temporary work visa applications. If you  apply for a work visa based on an offer of employment in an occupation  that is  included on the Immediate skill shortage list and you meet the requirements  specified in the list, Immigration New Zealand will recognise there are no New  Zealand citizens or residents available to take up the position. This removes  the need to conduct a ‘labour market test’, enabling faster processing of the  application. 

If you are granted a work visa based on an occupation on this  list, then you can only stay in New Zealand temporarily. You won’t necessarily be able to apply for residence. 

Canterbury Skill Shortage List

Canterbury has special labour market needs because of the need to rebuild the region following recent earthquakes. The Canterbury Skill Shortage List (sometimes referred to as CSSL) contains occupations in critical shortage. If you have skills that appear on the Canterbury Skill Shortage List, then you may qualify for a temporary work visa. 

If you meet the requirements of the occupations listed and you have a job offer in Canterbury, you may be granted a temporary work visa without a labour market check. The Canterbury List also draws on the occupations  on the Immediate and Long-term Skill Shortage Lists that are relevant to the  Canterbury rebuild. If the occupation is on the Long-term List, then you may  also be able to apply for residence.

What if an occupation is not listed?

Employers wanting to bring migrant workers to New Zealand for  occupations not on the lists may do so provided suitable New Zealanders are not  available. If you want to qualify for residence, entry may be arranged under the  Skilled Migrant Category and Talent  (Accredited Employers) Work Instructions. Temporary visas may be available  under other schemes such as the Essential  Skills Work Instructions.

Procedure & Requirements

 Process Steps

These are New Zealand Skilled Migrant Process Steps

Step 1 : First Step Register your Case Initial registration Fees for Assessment.
Step 2 : Second Step we Process your Case for Expression of Interest 
Step 3 : Third Step After Expression of Interest , we receive invitation latter for Applying Skilled Migrant Category
Step 4 : Forth Step Before Applying  Skilled Migrant Category you should clear your Medical Exam from NZ panel Doctors.
Step 5 : Fifth Step Medical Report Submit along with complete file process for Skilled Migrant Visa.
  New Zealand Skilled Occupations List 2015
 New Zealand Skilled Migrant Requirements

Applicant follow these requirements for Skilled Migrant.

All Academic Documents All Experienced Certificate
Valid Passport Scan Copy 36 Pages Passport Size Picture 35mm x 45mm
IELTS ( If Applicable ) 6.5 Band  Bank Statement as per family member 4500 NZ$ Each
If Married ( Marriage Certificate ) Police Clearance Certificate
FRC ( Family Registration Certificate Issued by NADRA Spouse Documents | IELTS 5.5
Points Based Criteria 

Here mentioned Program points Factors & requirements

Education Post Secondary Minimum Bachelor 3 Years --
Experienced 3 Years --
Age 21 Years to 55 Years --
Language Ability 6.5 Band IELTS
Adaptability Spouse Qualification & Relative points --

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